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How To Save Some Money On A New Home Construction Project

How To Save Some Money On A New Home Construction Project

We work hard to make a living. We save in order to have money to use in the future. There comes a certain point in life that we earn enough in order to buy ourselves a house; maybe for mum and dad or for ourselves and our family. Whatever the case, while buying a lot and having a house constructed takes a huge sum of money, it does not really have to be very expensive. Here are some tips on how to save money on a new home construction project.

Plan Ahead

First, make a rough sketch of your dream house. You should have your own needs and wants, and this will be what you need to communicate to the contractor later on. Remember, the end product of all this planning is where you are going to live in, possibly for the rest of your life. An image of what you want it to look like is a start. If needed, or if possible, consult an architect on what can work in your house and what couldn’t.

Where’s the Contractor?

Contractors are the people who will build your house. As such, be very careful in picking one because they will ultimately be responsible for the end product: your house. A thing to keep in mind is that you need multiple contractors as candidates. Talk them over, negotiate your prices, ask their bids and make a list. From that short list, find who is the deal breaker: the person who offers the least, but does not sacrifice quality. Also, try to sniff out their past customers by asking. From those past customers, try to ask if they know other past customers as well. Nothing wrong with investigating an entity you will entrust your money and your home right?  Here are some additional tips in picking a contractor.

Find your lot

Finding a good location to build your house in can be a pain. Pick a lot where you believe you will be most comfortable to stay in. No point in living at a place where you don’t even like the surroundings right? Aside from that, remember that environmental factors also come into play; do not pick an area that is prone to flooding and other natural catastrophes. Finally, consider the cost of living of your neighborhood.

Look for discounts

Scout around. Scour hardware stores. Look for the pieces that will build up your house and then look for discounts. Because why not? Savings are savings, and there is nothing wrong with trying not to deplete all your savings right? Take advantage of sale discounts, as well as builder’s discount. If you have ties in the construction industry, maybe a friend or a relative, ask them as well. You want material that is quality, and can be taken in cheap.

Supervise everything

You need to supervise the building process from start to finish. These may be money saving tips, but by supervising the whole construction process, you are ensuring that the procedures are done correctly and the plan is being implemented accordingly. No point in talking things over when it’s not going to be applied in the end. By ensuring that everything goes according to plan, you ensure that the construction is within budget and that there are no mishaps in the construction process. There are MANY contractors out there who would take advantage of you by actually bypassing some procedures, and this will compromise the integrity of the house’s foundation.

These maybe simple tips but these are effective. A poorly constructed house leaves the owner unsatisfied, and there really is no point to spend money on something you would regret in the end. It’s best to plan early, make some adjustments, have the right materials, and implement the plan accordingly. The pain will be worth it in the end, and your dream home will come true at a cheaper price.

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How Do You Know You’ve Really Hired A Trusted Remodeling Contractor?

How Do You Know You’ve Really Hired A Trusted Remodeling Contractor?

There are numerous companies offering remodeling services today. This makes it very challenging to find the right person for the job because the quality of service varies from one contractor to another. Although finding a trusted remodeling contractor is tough, it is very important to take the time to find the best. This is because it will determine the quality of service you receive. Below are some tips that will help you know whether you’ve hired a trusted remodeling contractor or not.


One of the most important things you need to consider when hiring a remodeling contractor is their reputation in the business. You need someone who has a good reputation for offering high-quality services. One way to find out what customers think about the contractor is by reading customer reviews; these can be found on Google, Angie’s List and Yelp. Go through a number of reviews to find out what customers think about the services. It might also help to ask the company to refer you to one of their customers so that you can get feedback on what they thought about their services. A company that is confident in the quality of service they offer will not mind giving you the referral.


The contractor’s experience will also give you an idea of what quality of services you can expect. If you go for a contractor that is just getting started, you are more likely to receive low-quality services compared to hiring an expert who has been in the business for more than 10 years. Therefore, when looking to hire a remodeling contractor, always go for a contractor that has more than 5 years of experience in the business. Apart from this, it is also important to ensure the contractor has experience working on a project similar to yours. This will give you confidence that they will do a great job.

Work Ethic

Another way you can tell whether or not you’ve hired the right person for the job is how they do their work. A good contractor is time conscious, has a team of trustworthy subs, hardworking and most importantly, keeps the job site clean and safe for children and everyone living on the premises. A contractor with all these qualities is more likely to offer you high-quality services and you will also have an easy time working with them until the project is complete. You can get an idea of a contractor’s work ethic by talking to some of the customers’ they have served or reading customer reviews.

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